Traditional Cajamarca 3 Days 2 Nights
Monumental Cajamarca 4 Days 3 Nights


Capital: City of Cajamarca
Altitud: 2.730 m.a.s.l.
Airport: Mayor General FAP. Armando Revoredo Iglesias.
Distances: Not Available.
The province of Cajamarca is located in the North Andean zone of Peru. Located at the feet of the mountain Santa Apolonia. Its origin goes back to the pre-Inca times.
Cajamarca is an historical province with diverse geography. Its nice climate and famous thermal waters make this city a tourist place. A city of colonial architecture with strong Spanish influence. There are religious edifications from the mid 17th., century and beginning of the 18th., century.
It is interesting to visit the archeological remains of the place, aqueducts, petroglyphs and sanctuaries of pre-Inca times. Among the churches, convents and chapels: The Cathedral. Church and Convent La Recoleta. San Francisco Church. The Chapel Virgen de los Dolores. Santa Catalina Convent.
In Cajamarca it is interesting to visit:

We will visit the most attractives places of the city, like: The Cathedral, main square, San Francisco, the Monumental complex of Belen, Colonial Hospitals, Rescue Room of Atahualpa and View-point of the Mountain Santa Apolonia (Inca Seat) where we can appreciate all the city of Cajamarca.

:: VENTANILLAS DE OTUZCO - Ranch "Tres Molinos", Garden of Hortensias
Excursion to the "Ventanillas de Otuzco", important Pre-Inca Necropolis, excavated in volcanic rock. After we will visit the "Tres Molinos" ranch known for the raising of cattle of milk production, horses of step. The garden of giant Hortensias and the Ranch "Los Alpes".

:: CUMBEMAYO - Stone Forest Los Frailones
In the way we will visit Bellavista. After we will visit Archeological site of Layzon, located from 12 kilometers from Cajamarca. It is characterized for having walls of more than 6 meters height. And monoliths decorated with high reliefs. After we will visit the Archeological site of Cumbemayo, located at 20 kilometers from Cajamarca. It is surrounded by a forest of stones with shapes of mercyful monks. It is also interesting to visit: The Aqueduct, unique work of enginnering. The Sanctuary. And the Caves of Cumbemayo.

One of the most recognized ex-ranches that maintains its colonial house, an artificial lake, Una de las ex haciendas más reconocidas de la campiña que mantiene su antigua casona, laguna artificial, stables, as well as its chapel, we will observe the call of the cows by its name for its milking. If we were at raini season we will visit the district of Llanacora and we will make walk to the waterfalls.

The Baths of the Inca, located at 6 kilometers from Cajamarca. Thermal waters with therapeutical properties. According to the tradition it was the resting place of Inca Atahualpa short before the confrontation with Pizarro.

On the way to Porcon we will visit the community of Huambocancha where we will appreciate how is the carving in the stone of marmolina, granite and stonecutting turning it in beautiful pieces. Arriving to Porcon we will visit the forests, the park of vicunas and deers, as well as we will observe some specimens of different regions like pumas, monkeys, papagayos, otorongos, birds, etc. Finally we will visit the sawmills and looms of the settlers of the zone.